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Details Matter!

Our goal is always to give our customers the best paint job possible. In order to meet that goal, we work with the best painters in the area. Our team is filled with painters who have a background in art and design; it’s one of the details that set us apart from other paint companies.

There are many other details that are important to a successful paint job. We understand that the details can indeed be overwhelming and that’s where we come in! There are many things you have to decide and when you are working with K Creative Painting, you can lean on our years of experience and expertise to help you make decisions that are right for your job.

Choosing the Right Paint

Obviously choosing the color for the room you are painting is a BIG deal! There are many colors to choose from and several shades and hues within each color family. Once you narrow down a color, you have to make a choice about the type of paint and the finish. There are a lot of details and we are here to help you with each decision.

  • Paint color – Once you choose a color family, there are hundreds of hues to narrow down until you find the perfect shade. We have an understanding of the undertones that exist in colors and how they will coordinate with other colors that already exist in your home. We love sharing our knowledge and helping people choose the perfect shade!

  • Type of paint – The type of paint you use can make a big difference. We recommend Sherwin-Williams and would be happy to work with you to choose one of their nearly 1700 paint colors that is perfect for you.

  • Paint finish – Once the paint color has been chosen, you need to select a finish. Should you go with flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, or gloss? We can help you select the best finish for the look you want to achieve and how the paint will function in the room we will be painting!

  • Lighting – Light affects the color of paint. You need to take into consideration the natural light in the room as well as the lighting from overhead fixtures and lamps in the room. A color can seem perfect in one room but appear totally different in another. We understand the effect lighting has on paint colors and share our knowledge with our clients so that they are not surprised by how the color they choose looks once the project is done.

Prepping the Walls

Once the paint and color has been chosen, the next step will be prepping the walls. When it comes to prepping for a paint job, the details make a big difference in the finished project. We take pride in the work we do and pay attention to the details to give you the smooth finish you are looking for.

  • Patching holes – We will fill small holes and sand them to create a smooth finish.

  • Proper finish – We will also take care of holes and corner cracks by applying the drywall mud, sanding, and giving special attention to small bumps in order to create an even, smooth finish.

  • Laser lines – We carefully tape off all trim lines in order to give you a straight edge leaving a super clean finish. Additionally, we cut a special line where the wall meets the ceiling, giving precision that will make your room POP!

Every project completed by K Creative Painting is done with maximum care to ensure that you are happy with the finished product. We want you to be delighted when you walk into your home or office for the first time and enjoy the paint on the walls for years to come! Details matter here at K Creative Painting. We hope you will give us a call for a free consultation when you are ready for your next painting project.

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