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It Takes an Artist

My name is Andrew Keesee, owner of K Creative Painting. I love helping people achieve quality painting results for their home or business. But it's not as easy as it seems. It requires the experience, knowledge, caring attitude, and much more. It's really that it factor, that I think takes an artist's touch...

And NOT spilling paint everywhere or on your clothes, right? :)

So, how is this accomplished?

Color Selection - there are a MILLION colors out there. I can help you find the right shade from any of the major paint suppliers.

Finish - Wipeability? Durability? Shine? Hideability? Latex?- Find the best paint finish for your needs.

Application - Most people don't realize that the application makes a huge difference. Spray, roll, brush, smear, wash, etc. I can help guide you through this process.

Protection - Protect your surroundings with the right plastic and paper products during the application, so you're not cleaning everything afterward. It's also about protecting your surfaces with quality paint products for long-lasting results.

Completion - What does it mean to really complete a job? Not all painters are the same especially in this category. I mean, doing a hurried job and leaving to get to the next thing doesn't cut it... I love making sure the lines are painted crisply and consistently, and the patch spots are not bubbled out. It's the cleaning u

p, and shaking the customer's hand, and realizing a job well done.

I'm passionate about combining this artistry with all of my projects. Houses and businesses are like my blank canvas, and bringing the artist's touch is quite fulfilling.

Here's to all of the artists!

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