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Our Vision

Andy Kessee K Creative Paintng

"Integrity and a trustworthy team are the foundations of every project. From there, we build customer relationships by delivering quality, value, and great service." 

"Projects done with precision." 

  -Owner, Andrew Keesee



Give your home a much needed update inside & out with clean, fresh finishes

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All eyes are on your commercial space. Customers are more likely to shop in a colorful & clean property. Now is the time to make it look appealing

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Our team can serve a wide range of design & light remodel services


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Budget Minded

  • Professional painters

  • Sherwin Williams Property Solutions paint

  • No Prep

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Most Popular

  • Professional painters + team leader

  • Sherwin Williams Pro Mar or Cashmere paint

  • Wall Doctor - Level 1

  • Outlet plates re-installed

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Superior from start to finish

  • Professional painters + team lead + project manager

  • Sherwin Williams High End or Custom product

  • Wall Doctor - Level 2

  • Outlet plates re-installed



My name is Andrew Keesee, owner of K Creative Painting. I welcome the opportunity to guide you toward the best paint job possible for your home or commercial space. I take this responsibility very seriously because I understand there are many decisions you have to make before beginning, and it can be overwhelming. 


For example, the type of paint to use, proper paint application, and even the color or shade that will help you reach your goals. Did you know studies have shown the color of the rooms in your home can actually impact your mood and your thoughts? Even a different shade of the same color can create a totally different mood. And if you have a commercial space, it can impact the mood and thoughts of your customers. This could impact your bottom line.


When considering a professional painter to complete your project, you deserve someone you can trust. You deserve someone who has the background and real world experience to help you reach the goals you set for your project. 


So what do I bring to the table?


I literally feel like I was born and raised to be a professional painter. I started working with my Dad at the age of 12. He had a small painting operation for years, and I had the opportunity to learn the trade from the ground up. 


But the things that really set me apart from a lot of painters is the level of detail I provide in great service and my creativity. Early in my life, I was into music, had a rock band, and took art lessons. I studied how the brush goes on the surface and how to make the paint look the way you want. I studied painting on a much deeper level than many professional painters can even imagine. Painting, whether for your home or your commercial space, is all about the details. There is a lot more to it than just slathering some paint on a wall. 


And there is something special about being in the trenches and learning through years of trial and error. I remember our first commercial job for a national retail chain. This was 2008 during the last recession when everything hit rock bottom. I thought I was in way over my head. And we did have a few bumps along the way, but in the end it worked out perfectly. 


The thing I am most thankful for is after the project was finished, my Dad came over, looked at it, and told me he would not have done a job that large and that he was proud of me. That meant more than anything. Oh, and the client was also very happy.  That experience taught me a lot, and the next commercial retail project we had went much better. I’ve learned so much from each project since, and now I feel confident enough to handle any project that comes our way.

My Dad had a huge impact on my business and my life. He taught me the value of integrity. If you say you’re going to do something, do it. If you say you do good work, then do it. Don’t make excuses. These are values that drive my business and how I interact with people to this day. 


These are the same values I look for in the painters we hire.  We are fortunate enough for you to invite us into your home or commercial space. So it’s important for us to have people you can trust, people you feel comfortable having in your home, people who value cleanliness, and people who take pride in a job well done.


We offer three different packages (or levels of service), because we understand everyone has different needs and different budgets.

Production, which is best suited for property investors, rental homes, and property management companies.


Standard, best suited for most residential and commercial owners.


Superior, best suited for high-end residential & commercial owners looking for extensive surface preparation and super smooth walls.


Call us at 615-208-4620 or email us to start a conversation about how we can work together. Following our FREE consultation, I will create an accurate and detailed proposal. NO SURPRISES!. If it works for you, then we will start the project. My promise to you is this…Provide superior service, quality, and the best painting team around!

Call today:  615-208-4620


Our Customers Say...

Recently had K Creative do some painting for us. They did a truly fabulous job! Very professional and considerate of our home, cleaned up after themselves and left everything looking wonderful! Would highly recommend and we will use them again!” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Debbie B. In Lebanon 


Choose a package or create your own from our quote shop, It's that easy.

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