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We Are Artists!

When you are looking around your home or business and decide you need a bit of an update, a fresh coat of paint is a great place to start!

Why should you invite the K Creative Painting crew into your home to complete the project? Well to start, we have built our company with integrity at its core so you know you are working with a team you can trust. To find out more you can read our blog on the subject here.

More than that, our team is filled with people who have backgrounds in art and design. It's one of the things that makes K Creative Painting special and sets us apart from the rest!

Our owner Andy for example, really seems to have been born to be a professional painter. He started working with his dad (who owned a painting operation for years) at age 12. While his front-row seat to the painting profession certainly laid the foundation for K Creative, one of the things that sets Andy apart from other painters is his creativity. He studied art and through his intensive study, learned about mixing color, how to use a brush so the paint goes onto the surface just how you want and how lighting affects color and space.

Josh, our team leader has a background in illustration and design so he also feels really comfortable with some type of art tool in his hand! Although he worked for years in the tech field, when he started experiencing burnout, and wanted to get back to his roots of hand craftsmanship, he knew K Creative Painting team would be the perfect fit.

We feel this foundation of running a painting company when blended with a detailed study of painting translates into well...Art.

We care about the final product almost as much as you do! Every project of K Creative Painting is done right with maximum care. We want you to be delighted with your home once your project is complete and we feel our team or artists is the best painting team around! Give us a call for a free consultation

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